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Whether you are just getting started or are nearing retirement,  Oxford Planning Group provides a coordinated approach to managing your wealth, providing you and your family the security that comes with knowing you have planned financially for every stage of your life.

Because investing involves a number of risks that are often impossible to predict, we moderate these risks by diversifying each portfolio across multiple asset classes to improve its risk-reward characteristics. Using a combination of in-house and independent third-party analysis, we will help you design a sensible asset allocation strategy and then select investments that meet our stringent criteria and that are aligned with your goals and needs. Finally, our ongoing due diligence of both the broad markets and your individual holdings will help ensure that your investment strategy stays on track.

As an independent Registered Investment Adviser, Oxford Planning Group provides unbiased investment advice and is free to choose from a broad range of investment solutions. Larger firms often sell their own products or steer clients toward products with hgher expenses.  At Oxford Planning Group we work for you, our focus is on whats in your best interest.

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