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Oxford Planning Group helps you best position your Estate to meet your values and objectives.    We recognize that everyone has different objectives.  We can help you answers the following questions:    

  • Do you have a Will?  When was your will last updated?    
  • Is your estate going to pass to your heirs?  
  • Are you charitably inclined?
  • Are you going to be subject to federal or state estate taxes?  
  • Do you have or need life insurance?
  • Who will be your estate's personal representative?
  • Do you need trusts?
  • Do you have special needs children or relatives?  Will they need care after your death? 
  • Are you in a second marriage and have children from both marriages?  You may have unique estate planning needs.  

Oxford Planning Group does not practice law or accounting but works to uncover missing elements of your plan and then coordinates with your attorney and accountant to help them implement the needed legal and tax strategies for your estate planning.  





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